Abstract Work - Statement

This work followed my degree course so mostly dates from 2001 to 2010.

I began by drawing together two philosophical concerns: 'interconnectedness' - what we are is physically and historically interwoven with what has gone before - and Zen principles of ‘living in the moment’.

My work concentrated on the factual existence of PAINT – its tactile quality, the ability to layer and overlap it, sometimes to mould it and sometimes to let its fluidity work in unexpected ways. The thicker tactile surface paint is a metaphor for the present (you want to put your hand out and touch it) while the receding layers are the weaving of past events. I am interested in the principle of evolution over design and like to allow a work to evolve. The mixing of different kinds of paint and techniques lends itself to these ideas.

The viewer may stand before the paintings trawling the shiny luxurious depths only to be dragged back to the surface by the ‘in your face’ physical, tactile paint: a message to enjoy each moment through sensation and emotion. He or she is even invited to touch certain works.

The works themselves take a long time to create, needing drying time between layers of paint, and then several coats of varnish which need to be sanded smooth between coats; plenty of time to consider the way the image is evolving.

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