Recent Work - Statement

In earlier work I have struggled with memory in a philosophical and emotional sense.

More recent work has developed the theme of memory in a more prosaic way, dealing with our fear of losing it, and the inevitable indignities which follow.

Three works here respond to recent scientific claims that people can delay the formation of Alzheimers plaque (beta-amyloid proteins in the brain) through regular brain stimulation with activities such as reading, writing and solving puzzles such as crosswords and Sudoku. As one who has huge black holes developing in her memory (prematurely- obviously), I have taken avidly to sudokus, crosswords and logic games. Time will tell if there is any positive effect! The upshot is a set of work which plays with words, particularly those words, kind and unkind, commonly associated with old age. This process has led me to look at identity issues as well as suggesting, through art, how to stop the rot.

Dotty (the bright eyed old lady), is deliberately set in a high key background, she is seated looking directly at the viewer, who is short and, therefore, a child. Dotty is not as her name suggest, rather she is keeping young by being out and about in the company of young people - and, yes she has done her crossword, this one is a little more positive in content than 'How Not To Lose Your identity As you Grow Older'. The red squirrel, an endangered species is a little reminder that we do not need to bow out of society just because of a few wrinkles and grey hairs.

The use of words and puzzles has been a most enjoyable - almost addictive - process. Elaborate framing of the crossword puzzle was a deliberate attempt to place something from the 'mundane' into the 'beautiful' or 'contemplative'. Moreover, the works are puzzles in themselves and have provided both artist and viewer with a little 'brain training'.

More work along these lines is in the pipeline, as well as more portraits and contextual work dealing with climate change.

Please come back and see what else I'm up to! Now that this website is up and running, I might just get back to some serious graft.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would be genuinly interested to know what you think of my work. You can e-mail me or just leave a message in the guestbook. Your e-mail address will not be visible to others if the comment is posted in the Guestbook