Traditional Style - Statement

Apologies for such a cover-all title as 'Traditional' work, but, while art movements have come and gone throught the decades, small representational or figurative studies continue to be valued not only by the public but also by the artists. These works also serve as sketches or studies for larger pieces and as a way to hone our skills. Figurative painting does not mean that the artist is simply an 'eye', recording what is in front of him or her; every artist tries to bring something fresh to a work, some viewpoint, mood or perspective, some unique interpretation or message, which will find a response in the viewer. Without these, a good photograph would be preferable to a mediocre painting.

Nevertheless, I have placed my offerings here in an honest show. My hopes for this website go beyond looking for a market and, more importantly, a spectatorship for my work; I hope it will also provide me with an insight into how my work is developing. This particular gallery will, therefore, grow more than the others because I intend to post more sketches and unfinished pieces. For example, I have a series of self portraits, yet to be photographed, -not all flattering - to add. I find drawings interesting because they reveal more of the artist's ideas and immediate response to subject than more constructed works.

I am running a blog now but am not ready to publish it ... yet - this will contain notes of works underway, ideas for development and sketches. So, if you are interested, watch this space and add your own comments.

A Word For The portrait

Portraits were my first love and my gateway into the world of art. When I was fifteen I was taken on a trip with German exchange students to the Bowes Museum. We were told to be back at the coach for 4pm. At 3.45, dutifully watching the time, I was still staring rapt into the lively eyes of those long dead subjects, when an exasperated voice said: 'there you are - we've been waiting for you for over an hour!'. Well, it was their loss and my gain. From then on I wanted to be able to paint people.

Painting from a live model is such a pleasure and a challenge. Unfortunately, family and friends are not as willing to sit for any length of time as they used to be - even for pocket money. Anyone willing to sit for a few hours - please get in touch!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would be genuinely interested to know what you think of my work. You can e-mail me or just leave a message in the guestbook. Your e-mail address will not be visible to others if the comment is posted in the Guestbook.